Resilient Gallery Talk with Samar Hussaini -  Watch the video.

Resilient Gallery Talk with Samar Hussaini - Watch the video.



Samar Hussaini, an Arab American Fine Artist, and Graphic Designer, lives and creates fine art and design outside of NYC in West Orange, NJ. Hussaini has begun to establish herself as an emerging artist with awards in the arts from The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and BWAC Gallery, design awards from DTC and The One Show, as well as exhibiting in several juried, group, and solo shows.

Hussaini began her career by earning her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland, with a double major in Studio Art and Art History and a Masters in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. She advanced her career as a creative director working in top advertising agencies in NYC and now continues her profession in fine art and design, exhibiting her work in galleries and juried art fairs in the NY, NJ, DC area.




“My art is a record of my Palestinian identity and every viewer is part of my achievement.” - Samar Hussaini

Born in the United States to Palestinian parents Samar Hussaini seeks to visualize the layered challenges and enriching distinction of being a Palestinian-American and at the same time striving to create thought-provoking ideas of dialogue and hope.

Hussaini’s work incorporates layers of symbols and cultural icons connected to her Palestinian heritage. Icons such as the traditional Thob, a Palestinian dress which is notable for its embroidered designs, indicating regional identity and the practice associated with women’s self-expression in their community; the Keffiyeh, a traditional Arab head covering which holds the history of farmer, freedom-fighter, and activist, and is a symbol of freedom, hope, and a people’s fight against repression; And inspired by her father Hatem Hussaini, a political activist and leader who spoke about creating empathy and humanizing Palestinian’s, she employs his writings from over 30 years ago which still have context and resonate even today.

Mixed media elements such as charcoal, graphite, metal leaf, stitching, and acrylic paint on canvas, reveal a personal narrative luring the viewer in to uncover the depths of an intricate and multi-challenged story. Hussaini’s works isolate movement and emotions -- vitalizing new sequences and illuminating an inseparable relationship between layers.